Virtual cinnamon

As the darkness falls, the spirits of christmas rises – moaning and dragging their feet slowly in direction of the joyful christmas singing and blinkety-blinking lights. Uh…ohh…sorry, this isn’t the Grinch. Actually, this is a virtual cinnamon construction, a picture that hopefully will turn into the real (eatable) thing! I’m also expecting it to be habited by marzipan zombie-pigs and perhaps other nasty little creatures. Well, I suppose the weekend is over – monday morning is lurking under my bed….the most horrible monster of them all.

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Christmas collection

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Hether I bring yey a bunch of my old christmas cards! I suppose they have one thing in common – Christmas time is not always a pretty thing, hope you like'm. I suppose if Santa had a Guantanamo for people breaking the cuteness and happy lovingness, you would know where to find me.

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Freakin Christmas

Behold yet another Christmas Greeting Card – following the path of my previous Christmas creations with a twist. This is actually my contribution to a christmas card contest at – and it’s a winner! Second place actually, but it was great fun – and the best part is the fact that my traditionally late Christmas Card greeting is perfectly early for a change!

If you like, it is quite possible to spam my Christmas Card to someone, pay a visit to this place:
They write some nice things about my drawing, saying stuff like “it’s outrageously well drawn”, and “there’s a weird sense of Christmas to it”, but what the hell, let’s print it anyway. Enjoy!

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